Why Synthetic Grass Is Ideal for Your Tennis Court

Posted on: 24 September 2018

Whether you have a residential or commercial tennis court, you will find that maintaining the grass and keeping your court in pristine condition can prove to be quite arduous. This is especially true if the tennis court is experiencing heavy usage. Not to mention that the exposure to the elements can also play a heavy toll on your grass. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should forgo having a grass court altogether. One of the solutions that you could consider is artificial turf. This turf comprises synthetic fibres that closely resemble natural grass. Advancements in technology have also ensured that the turf is supple and soft to the touch. Below are some of the benefits that come from using synthetic grass for your tennis court.

Ideal for areas of low sunlight

If your tennis court is not receiving an adequate supply of sunlight, you will find that some areas of your turf will be characterised by listless, unhealthy grass. This will affect the overall appearance of your tennis court. In addition, this unhealthy grass can also cause a slipping hazard for any persons who are playing on the court. To eliminate this, you should opt for synthetic grass. This turf will never be affected by the too much or too little exposure to the sun, ensuring that your court stays safe and aesthetically appealing year-round.

Highly durable

If your tennis court is used on a regular basis, you will find that you have to try to replenish the grass constantly. As such, you end up saving significant amounts of money when it comes to replanting new grass, only for it to succumb to damage over time. With synthetic grass, you save yourself the costs of having to keep regenerate the grass off your tennis court. This, in turn, means a higher yield in your initial investment, especially if you use your tennis court for commercial purposes.

Virtually maintenance free

A major advantage of investing in synthetic grass for your tennis court is that you can virtually eliminate maintenance measures that you take with regular grass. Firstly, you would never have to worry about keeping the grass hydrated, which also translates into a decrease of your water usage. Secondly, you do not have to concern yourself with trimming the grass to make it uniform in size. All that would be required of you is an occasional hosing off the grass to get rid of grime that is accumulating on the artificial blades of grass.