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  • Do you have the correct propeller on your outboard motor?

    If you purchase a new outboard motor for your boat you must consider several factors to ensure that the outboard motor you choose is compatible with your boat. If you make the wrong choices then you could be placing your life at risk with an unstable boat that could be dangerous if you attempt to use it at speed. Of all the decisions you must make, the size and style of the propeller is one of the most important.
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  • How To Prepare For A Trip In The Outback

    Most Australians living in the big coastal cities are pretty far removed from the famous red deserts of central Australia. Due to this, at some point most people will decide to take the plunge to see what Australia has to offer and go on a trip exploring. There are many great ways to do this exploration, from the famous luxury trains that run all the time to going it alone in your car or truck on the great roads that run through this huge country.
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  • Why Synthetic Grass Is Ideal for Your Tennis Court

    Whether you have a residential or commercial tennis court, you will find that maintaining the grass and keeping your court in pristine condition can prove to be quite arduous. This is especially true if the tennis court is experiencing heavy usage. Not to mention that the exposure to the elements can also play a heavy toll on your grass. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should forgo having a grass court altogether.
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